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Refer a substitute teacher

Give your friends or colleagues a $100 cash reward, and receive one yourself after they complete one Swing assignment.

Make $100, give $100*


Existing Swing Subs

Already a Swing Sub? Begin referring by accessing your unique referral link here.

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Become a Swing Sub

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How to get your $100 cash

Step 01

Sign up and work a Swing assignment. If you're already a Swing Sub, congrats! You're ahead of the game.

Step 02

Share your unique referral link with your friends and colleagues through your Swing account.

Step 03

Your friends or colleagues successfully sign up with Swing and complete one assignment.

Step 04

Squad goals - you both get a $100 in your next paycheck.


Make easy money

Complete one assignment, refer a friend or colleague, and get a $100 cash reward. That's extra money to spend, save, or use however your heart desires!

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Help a friend or colleague out

Know someone who’s looking to supplement their income? Send a referral to help them out! As a leading agency for substitute teachers, we’ve got your back.

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Experience the best place to be a substitute teacher. Join us, make a referral, and you'll both get a $100 cash payment.




How do I access my unique referral link?

To access your unique referral link, open up the Swing platform, go to your name in the top right corner, click ‘Refer’ and copy your unique referral link to share out.

Is there a limit to the amount of referrals I share out?

Refer as many people as you like! There is no limit.

When will I receive my $100 reward?

Once the referee works on their first Swing assignment, you will receive your reward payment in an upcoming paycheck.

Can I track how much I’ve earned?

To view how much you’ve earned, open up the Swing platform, go to ‘Refer’ under your profile name and you will see number of referred, sign ups, and money earned.

Does Swing withhold payroll tax on my reward bonus?

Yes, we are required to withhold payroll tax on any rewards paid at your normal tax rate.

*We are required to withhold payroll tax on any rewards paid at your normal tax rate